Want simple mindfulness exercises for kids?

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Easy mindfulness exercises for kids

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    At Mindful Parent, we help people who are looking for ways to connect with their children at a deeper level and find their own parenting flow. Parenting is not a clear path.

    We give parents tools and information from reliable sources so that parents have what they need to fall in love with their parenting journey. 

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    Parent guilt and its effects on mental health

    Whether you are a working or a stay at home parent, strict or lenient, from a typical or atypical household, there...
    The power of talking circles

    The power of talking circles

    What are talking circles?Talking circles, sharing circles, or healing circles are deeply rooted in the traditional practices of indigenous people....
    Good enough parenting

    Good enough parenting

    What is good enough parenting in times of a global pandemic, and what can we do about it? Many families...

    The FIVE Keys to Mindful Parenting

    Want to know the five key parts of mindful parenting? Remember them easily with this guide.

    5 Keys to Mindful Parenting

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