Parent Coaching: Why it may be the right move for you

When I first decided to be a coach, I didn’t know very much about coaching, and wondered if a coach was a less qualified therapist. Once I stepped into the world of coaching, I realized how misunderstood the world of coaching can be, and I’m here to try and break some potential myths about what we offer, and what you can work on with us at Mindful Parent. 

First, let’s take a look at what coaching really is

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

Coaching does not focus on the past, but instead looks towards the future to generate new action plan, or gain a new perspective so that the client can create a new result.

Your coach can become your sounding board so that you can bounce ideas off them or gain new perspectives on struggles or opportunities. Your coach has tools and resources to aid you through the decision making process, creating an action plan, or setting goals to monitor and measure your progress, or simply gain a new perspective on a situation.

In therapy, the focus is often on your past (though not always!), and healing from your pain or your struggles, and therapists are well versed in all the theories and practices that can help you move past trauma or struggles, learn to live with a new diagnosis, or help you process your feelings. 

In mentorship,  the mentor is usually the expert in the field and has knowledge and experience to impart on the mentee to help them reach their goals. Usually a mentor will be able to draw from their own experience to help you grow and learn in whatever field they are mentoring you in. 


In coaching, the expert subject matter is actually you. A coach does not need to know or have personal experience on the struggle or goal you wish to discuss. A coach has tools and resources to help guide you in your own self-discovery, help you develop your own strategies to reach your goals, or bring about the change you are hoping to see. 


So, what about parent coaching?

At Mindful Parent, we believe that every family is different and that parents know their own children more than anyone. Our purpose is to guide you and help you to tune into that knowledge, and be the best parent you can be. 

We don’t claim to be parenting experts, and we do not have all the answers to parenting (is there such a thing?). 

We do believe that a happy and healthy parent is the first step in having a happy and healthy child. Often times, your parenting struggle is actually a consequence of another struggle in your life that needs to be looked at. You might find yourself losing patience with your children more often than you’d like, or feeling like you could be doing more. Maybe you struggle with keeping up with the housework, or you find yourself in a constant state of overwhelm. 

Whatever it is, our team of parent coaches can help you get to your goals, gain new perspective, or  find yourflow. It doesn’t have to be a parent struggle… if you’re a parent, you’re in the right place.